We have two calls of action.

First, please help yourself to our research. Dig.

There is a page on this site that lists all the Trump properties and ventures which we suspect are connected to Semion and the mob, but we have yet to find a solid source. Nothing went on our timeline without a source connecting Trump to the American mafia and/or to Mogilevich’s mob. Although what we have is damning enough, we invite you to help us find more.

Second, we want Bob Levinson returned to his family and this nation. He is a patriot and a hero. We do not accept that he is to be left unfound and unrecovered.

On the campaign trail, Trump and his surrogates used Levinson’s capture as a criticism of Obama’s “Iran Deal” – saying Obama should have obtained Levinson’s release before cutting any deal with Iran. But Bob Levinson is not home. He is not free.

The Trump administration has now declared they will free him. They will bring Bob Levinson home. Trump has vowed to succeed where both Obama and Bush had failed. For Levinson, his family, and our country, Trump must succeed. A President should fight for all American hostages to be safely returned, especially those who served our nation.

We hope for that outcome. But we cannot help but question the integrity of our President to do this. Not just because Trump is a font of lies, but because he’s leveraged by the very man Levinson hunted.

Tom Mangold called Bob Levinson Mogilevich’s “nemesis.” Based on what we’ve uncovered about Trump’s ties to this mob boss, we cannot leave Levinson’s safe return solely to Trump’s conscience. We cannot help but believe that Donald Trump would never do anything to go against Mogilevich’s wishes. Unless and until Vladimir Putin takes care of Mogilevich for Donald Trump, Trump would never expose his boss. He would never poke that Russian bear.

So, we will do it for him. For all of us. We need you to raise your voice. America owes a debt to Bob Levinson. Even more so, because two past Presidents FAILED him. FAILED to bring him home.

Imagine if they had. Imagine what Bob Levinson would have told us about Donald J. Trump.

Our democracy would not be in danger of being taken over by the mob. Litvinenko shouted from the rooftops about Mogilevich’s take over of Russia two decades ago, and it was too late. If Bob Levinson were safe at home – with his family, do you believe he would have stayed silent and let Mogilevich’s aims consume our country as well?

We need to accept the bad news about our last Presidents, in order to save America from the present one.


Shout it at every media outlet. Shout it on social media. Make t-shirts. Organize fund-raising. Donate to his rescue. HELP.


And if you’re not convinced yet to take action – to help Levinson, let us leave you with something from that Mangold interview. Let us leave you with the devil’s own words: