The Rats Are Inside the House

It's unmistakable to us that Maggie is just running PR on behalf of her mother's clients and her father-in-law's interests.

As we have stated several times in this piece, PR is not journalism. A PR professional’s job is to spin a story to portray their client in the best light possible. And where scandal or crimes are involved, that spin is in the form of apologistic obfuscation.

Maggie’s coverage of the Trump and Kushner families is Duranty-level apologist spin. As long as the NYTimes values a reporter's access over their integrity, this will continue. And atrocities are sure to follow.

Consider what is still unfolding in Puerto Rico. Deaths there can be directly linked to the administration’s failure to respond with America’s full might, coordination, and resources. Normalizing the Trump presidency is not the route our Democracy requires of the Fourth Estate.

What if the next disaster is even worse?

The New York Times’ refusal to acknowledge these potential conflicts of interest is staggeringly unprofessional, at best. It verges on journalistic malpractice. The New York Times must correct this mistake immediately.

We the People demand better.


We like ending with a request for action. We like having as many citizen diggers as possible involved in the stories we break. That’s part of shoring up the Fourth Estate. We want every one of you involved in getting to the facts.

This is the request: Dig on all of Maggie Haberman’s articles and tie them to the other news that was breaking at the time.

We’re looking for an intentional pattern to obscure real news in favor of spinning Donald Trump garbage into gold. We’re looking for obfuscation.

Think of the example we gave with Duranty and the famine. When the news broke on other outlets, Duranty began his spin – the whataboutism, which helped obscure an atrocity.

And as for you, @NYTimes? You have a chance now to right this ship.

Perhaps some of you forgot about Duranty and your legacy with him. But when 3.3 million people die, history is not that easily re-written. History doesn’t forget.

Truth remains truth. Fact remains fact, even in the Trump era. Don’t miss the weight of this moment.

We’re looking at you, A.G. Sulzberger. Sure, you got the job as publisher thanks to your paternal line. It doesn’t matter how much you may believe you've earned it, no one will ever see it otherwise. But, you can make your mark. You can prove that you have what Maggie, Jared, and Donald don’t: the ability to lead beyond nepotism. You can return The Gray Lady to her rightful place as a paper of record and beacon of journalistic objectivity.

Gut your house. Clean it. Get rid of the apologist sycophants. Elevate the investigative journalists who have earned their positions. There are many great journalists out there who would jump at the chance to work for you. Find them. Vet them. Let them flourish.

To report accurately on our nation’s current situation, you must understand what got us here. Dig in your archives to find the truth about Trump’s Mafia ties. We already did - and we found a lot.

Have your investigative journalists who have integrity dig deeper into Trump’s corrupt history. Publish their stories on your front page.

Stop setting up convenient sit-downs with people of power through their PR reps. And if you must do this, don’t print a story where a single hard question isn’t asked.

Show some goddamn spine.

Because we may be little now, but we’re not stopping here.

We will continue to multiply via social media.

We will continue bringing daylight to your star apologist and any of her cohorts.

And we’re digging in to that relationship you have with Rubenstein PR, plus a whole lot more on the Haberman apologists (next page for the teaser).

We the people aren't going away.

Buckle up.


To learn more about the Hodolmore Famine we’ve included links to 2 films: